How to manifest the life of your dreams with Laurie Scolari

Apr 6, 2023

Today’s episode is with Dr. Laurie Scolari who has held several positions in the field of education.

She has always struggled to adjust to a field steeped in a dominant culture that has never felt right. She tried to code-switch into what she thought was expected of her. When she first entered the field, she never wore her hoop earrings to work, thinking they were unprofessional, yet they represented her and where she grew up. Today the world has adjusted a bit, and hoops are commonplace.

Meanwhile, she still convinces herself it’s ok to be just her true self at work, now with her hoops on. This internal struggle inspired the name of her YouTube channel: Hoop Earrings Conversations.

Though she still works as a full-time professional in education, her channel is dedicated to the real her, the real us. It creates a space for the homies to chat about how to survive and maybe even thrive in dominant culture spaces that were not designed with us in mind. Her work focuses on living authentically, personal development, and self-empowerment.

We talk about the following and so much more:
✅ What it means to create your life and your own reality
✅ How our thoughts create our reality and how we change our thoughts
✅ How she re-programmed her thoughts in order to create a new life
✅ What would you tell someone who is having difficulty in their life, and is not getting what they want?
✅ How she deals with difficult work environments and what she would tell someone who is not happy at their current job

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