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How to reconnect with your heart with Heart Whisperer Estelle Bingham

Oct 13, 2022

On today’s show, I speak with Estella Bingham, who has been described as ‘The Heart Whisperer’. She has been supporting others to find more Love, Purpose & Connection in their lives for over 20 years.

Fourth generation psychic and a meditator since the age of 6 years old, having learned ™ (Transcendental Meditation) the journey of the Soul has been an integral part of her life since the very beginning. She is committed to helping others Heal, express Truth, and embrace and embody their true Joy and Potential.

We talk about the following and so much more:
✅ What it means to “live in your heart”?
✅ Some of the ways Estelle helps people reconnect with their hearts and inner wisdom
✅ What it means to be an intuitive and how she evaluates and heals people
✅ What it means to have radical self-acceptance and self-love?
✅ Why we are here on this earth? Is there such a thing as karma?

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