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How to deal with grief and loss with Amanda Nagai

May 2, 2024

On today’s episode, I sit down with Amanda Nagai, a storyteller, artist and designer, former tech world startup founder and engineer, who these days geeks out on inner work, grief, collective wellness, ritual and poetry.

She is the author of Walk Us Home, a memoir told through poetry and art, just released in 2024. Proceeds from the book will support You're Going to Die’s suicide-prevention and community catharsis work inside San Quentin Rehabilitation Center (formerly San Quentin State Prison).

After years of big personal loss, illness, and all the healing and inner-exploration modality workshops and trainings she could afford, she has some quiet understandings of what we lack as a society, what we need, and the limits of her own personal comprehension in the face of the Mystery.
She laughs as much as she grieves and loves being with people as much as communing with trees and feeling washed by ocean waves. She calls the Ohlone lands of the Bay Area home.

We talk about the following and so much more:
✅ What does it mean to grieve - and why do so many people misunderstand the purpose of grief?
✅Her story of grief with us - what were the first moments like?
What are the steps to process grief?
What is your recommendation on heloing people process their grief?
Do we ever fully recover from grief? What’s the timeline normally?
What were the steps you took personally to recover?
What happens when we do not process our grief?
What are some decisions you made that felt difficult but important?

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