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The power of breath to change your life with Finnian Kelly

Feb 14, 2024

Today’s episode is with Finnian Kelly, the leading expert on living a life with Intentionality and disrupting the business world with his unique approach of using breathwork as a superpower. As a multi-time successful entrepreneur, Finnian Kelly has coached the CEOs and leadership teams of more than 150 companies.

With impact and service always at the forefront of his ventures, he was featured on the National Geographic documentary Undercover Angel, a series featuring millionaires taking on discreet missions to benefit underprivileged communities. Finnian’s work has also been recognized on Business Insider, Forbes, Sky Business, Smart Company, LA Weekly and he is a featured guide on Othership - the leading breathwork app around the world.

We talk about the following and so much more:
✅ What is breathwork? Why is breathwork so important?
✅ His unique approach of using breathwork as a superpower in leadership development
✅ How he discovered its potential
✅ Common challenges he sees in leaders when it comes to intentionality and purpose-driven leadership
✅ How he defines "leading with intention," and why he believes it's crucial in today's business world
✅ The role positive psychology plays in his work, and how it contributes to helping leaders transform their behaviors
✅ His feature on National Geographic's "Undercover Angel.

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