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The benefits of Kundalini yoga and the ancient technology of mantra, breath and movement with Mandev

Sep 7, 2023

In today’s episode, I speak with Mandev Khalsa - an award-winning filmmaker and creator of My Moon Map TM, an IOS mobile app to track your moods and behavior pattern using the ancient yogic science of the Moon Centers. For years, Mandev has deeply researched esoteric energetic structures in yogic teachings to discover energy and power.

Mandev teaches at RA MA Institute. Her classes feature deep breathing, mantra, meditation, and gong relaxation. She seamlessly guides the class through a mandala of yogic postures, pranayam, and meditation with an emphasis on conscious breathing, proper posture, applying precise techniques to open an infinite flow of energy in you.

Mandev provides invaluable insight into how to apply yogic teachings in a practical, modern way. She teaches how love, happiness and prosperity are frequencies you can subscribe to.

We talk about the following and so much more:
✅ What exactly is Kundalini yoga?
✅ What is a Kriya?
✅ What is mantra and why is mantra important?
✅ What are some mantras and kriyas that you think are particularly important - especially for these times?
✅ Why is breathe so important - and why does Kundalini yoga combine movement, breathe and mantra?
✅ What is a sadhana - why is this practice important/
✅ What makes Kundalini yoga different from other types of yoga?
✅ Where did Kundalini yoga come from?

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