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How to thrive in conflict and create a happy relationship with the Davon Method and Alicia Davon

Aug 31, 2023

Today’s episode on Gateways to Awakening is about How to thrive in conflict and create a happy relationship with the Davon Method with ​​Alicia Davon. Along with her husband Erwan, has become the go-to expert for those seeking a higher level of relationship support since 1995. They are among the most experienced relationship coaches in the world and have taught throughout the United States and abroad.

Both have advanced degrees in Psychology and have developed a method that covers everything from sex to the mind to lifestyle design to how to get into and thrive throughout the stages of relationship from a feminine and a masculine perspective. Based in the SF Bay Area, Alicia provides a high-end boutique service that gives her clients an effective way to enhance their relationships. She and Erwan offer all of their coaching and classes in both online and in-person formats and support students all over the world.

We talk about the following and so much more:
✅ The right way to date in a new relationship?
✅ What it takes to create a healthy relationship?
✅ Some common themes of conflict in relationship, and how we can deal with conflict
✅ What is resolvable and unresolvable?
✅ What is tantra? Why is understanding tantra important?
✅ How can you supercharge chemistry in a long term relationship?
✅ Some dating myths to unlearn?

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