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How your teeth can tell you about your body and emotional health with Rupam Henry

Mar 2, 2023

On today’s episode, I speak with Rupam Henry, founder of Rupam’s Herbals. At the young age of 16, Rupam traveled to India, where she lived for 5 years in an international ashram, learning meditation and approaches to the inner world. The desire to be of service to others on the path of self-healing was born in these life-changing years.

Rupam comes from an ancient lineage of medicine makers, alchemists, and herbalists reaching back 13 generations in Germany. She combines her expertise as an herbalist, holistic health educator, and ordained minister with her experience of over 20 years as an RDA in General and Pediatric Dentistry.

She is the founder of Rupams Herbals LLC, focusing on holistic health and dental solutions through consultations, a handmade organic herbal line of over 45 different formulas, and a passion to support her clients and customers to retain their God-given right to self-healing and informed consent.

We talk about the following and so much more:
✅ How are our teeth connected to our emotions?
✅ What type of trauma is stored in the mouth?
✅ The specific emotional and physical meridians for each tooth and what that means
✅ What modern dentistry missed when it comes to taking care of our teeth
✅ How people clear trauma in the mouth
✅ Why do so many people have cavities and others do not?
✅ The phenomenon of people’s teeth falling out recently – why is that happening?
✅ The stages and ages of tooth development and eruption and what that means?

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