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Hello Dr Sandrine. First i have to say how much i love your page, i live in France and all my friends around me respect and appreciate your content so much. I noticed you always post about premature ejaculation and the topic has been tackled in many of your podcasts (i listened to many) but you’ve never mentioned anything about men who take very long to ejaculate or are unable to ejacualte at all even after 2 hours of sex (with boner). I would be very interested to know your input on the topic :) The reason why I’m asking is because my boyfriend has been this problem (he can ejaculate 1 out of 5 times that we have sex) and even though sex is good between us, it’s been stressing me a lot lately and i feel like i don’t want to start something when i know it might take up to 2 hours. I convinced to see a doctor about it and he was told that it’s anxiety…
Jul 23rd

اشون اكد اتابع رنا على مواقع التواصل احد عنده حسابه ع الانستغرام
Aug 25th

النظرة الإيجابية للجسد

Hakeh Sareeh | حكي صريح

Health & Fitness

حركة "النظرة الإيجابية للجسد" تشهد حاليا انتشاراً واسعاً، وخاصة بين النساء. ما هو تعريف هذا المفهوم وما هي أهميته؟ نستضيف رنا علم الدين، ممثلة سنمائية وتلفزيونية ومؤسسة منصة "بيني وبينك" لنناقش هذا الموضوع وتأثيره على الحياة الجنسية.

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