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Loved this episode! Such an interesting character 🤗
Jul 10th
From the first cinemas to ushering in sushi bars with Mario Haddad

Excellent and timely. Thank you
Oct 24th
A roadmap to the future in Lebanon with Imad Salamey Ph.D

Thanks for having me
Jan 03rd
Blood, sweat and tears on the indie rock music scene

I enjoyed the episode 🌸
Mar 04th

I have come to appreciate Nadia Michel's interviewing style, which I would describe as borderline confrontational... in a good way! That's specifically why Gad Saad's episode was a disappointment, because he completely "honey-badgered" her (to use his own half-baked terms) in promoting his book and views without any pushback. I know that this podcast is not a debate, but I doubt that it is meant to be a platform for people to voice their (potentially harmful) opinions without questioning or scrutiny. It must have been tricky to host Saad; but I guess the power not to publish an episode where the host is cornered into an endlessly approving position remains in their hands. Good luck with future guests! I can't wait for the next episode to come out.
Dec 08th
Why You Can't Redefine Beauty, According to Gad Saad


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