Arabic Podasters

Create, upload, and monetize your podcasts.

Podcasting Listeners

Relevant Audience

With Hakawati you gain access to millions of Arabic speakers, allowing you to drive relevant listeners to your podcast.

Podcasting community


Build a community around your podcast and engage your listeners directly via the comments section. Easily share your podcast on all major social media platforms.

Revenue from Podcasts


Monetize your podcast by utilizing baked in ads from sponsors.

“Baked in” refers to ads that are read by the host as part of the show

Easy Setup

Easy Setup & Go

Easily set up your channel and upload episodes with your choice of customized artwork. Record directly into the website or mobile app via a USB microphone or your device’s built-in microphone.

Grow your audience

Detailed Analytics

Our platform is set up to help you reach your targets and achieve your goals by providing detailed analytics and advanced metrics regarding all aspects of user engagement with your content.

Podcast influencers

Become an Influencer

As your listener base grows, the potential for a live baked in ad read or endorsement request becomes more likely, particularly if a brand or service fits your content.

Hakawati offers a streamlined entrance into an on-demand content driven, tech-based, lucrative market that is already seeing unprecedented growth

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