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From Censorship to Cultural Icon with Maya Abdullah

May 26, 2024

Today, we're sharing the compelling story of Maya Abdallah, a talent who rose to fame on social media, only to face the harsh realities of political activism colliding with her dreams.

Born in Atlanta with Lebanese and Palestinian roots, Maya moved to LA to chase the glittering promise of an acting career. But when standing up for her homeland during a crisis, it led to her losing representation overnight, putting Maya at a crossroad. From the depths of isolation and cancellation, she rediscovered herself, turning to her Arab community for support.

Join us as Maya takes us on her journey of rebuilding, from landing a groundbreaking role with a Muslim Production Agency to launching her own clothing brand and standing tall at protests. This is a story of faith, identity, and unyielding courage.

Check out Ayooni by Maya here: https://ayoonibymaya.com/

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