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Finding courage in political libration with Maytha Alhassen

Jun 10, 2024

Today’s tale will unravel the compelling journey of Maytha Alhassen, a Syrian-Lebanese-Saudi-Egyptian-Bedouin-Arab American historian, journalist, artist and organizer whose life bridges the chasms between cultures, communities, and self-discovery.

Growing up at the crossroads of her rich Arab heritage and the stark realities of white supremacy in Southern California, Maytha faced an identity crisis that propelled her onto a path of political awakening and collective liberation. Amidst the backdrop of post-9/11 America, she navigated through layers of societal challenges to emerge as a beacon of hope and healing.

Join us as Maytha shares her transformative story from the depths of doubt to redefining liberation, embracing her roots, and harnessing the power of surrender and faith to forge a future beyond imagination. Let’s dive into a tale of resilience, identity, and the journey towards embodying one's true calling.

You can learn more about Maytha here: https://maythaalhassen.com/about

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