Podcast advertising for the MENA region

Relevant Consumers

With Hakawati you gain access to millions of Arabic speakers worldwide, allowing you to drive pertinent consumers to your brand or service.

Baked in ads

We serve your ads across multiple podcasts, allowing you to focus your advertising on listeners with interests that match your product or service. We sell host-read ads, endorsements, and targeted dynamic ads, all bundled with a comprehensive set of detailed analytics.

Hakawati provides a comprehensive podcast advertising solution

Branded Podcasts

Whether it's a simple talk show or a full blown audio drama, we can bring any concept to life. With access to state of the art recording studios, experienced voice talents, hosts, influencers, professional sound designers, and more, we create highly produced branded narrative audio programmes with integrated ad campaigns.

Detailed Analytics

Our platform is set up to help you reach your targets and achieve your goals. We provide detailed analytics and advanced metrics regarding all aspects of your marketing campaign and user engagement.

Hakawati offers a streamlined entrance into an on-demand content driven, tech-based, lucrative market that is seeing unprecedented growth