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Seeing the Impossible Manifest Part 1

Grace To All

Religion & Spirituality

Paul’s first interview with Mike Popovich who is a dynamic leader in both business and ministry.  Mr. Popovich received his B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from the United States Air Force Academy.  He has spent his entire life studying the magnificence of the human design and how scientific principles are supported by Scripture.   He has always been an entrepreneur and has utilized his technical and business skills to create several successful companies with his wife, Barbara. As the founder of Freedom Ministries, Mike has spoken to tens of thousands of people around the world in business and ministry settings blending science and scripture.  His practical teachings help people accomplish things they never thought possible, heal their minds and bodies and live in loving relationships.    Mike has been married to his wife, Barbara, for 28 years and they have three children, Solomon, Angelique and Samuel. They reside in Monument, Colorado.  He can be found at or our Youtube channel Freedom Ministries.See for privacy information.

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