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Sessions: Discernment

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Today’s topic is ‘Discernment’.  This is a $1000 question from our community! Since this question comes up a lot I wanted to cover it here.  "Discernment - Good, mediocre or best choices? How do we really understand and make a great choice?"   You can still send in your $1000 question to and you may be featured on an upcoming episode of The Soul Frequency Show Sessions!   Today we talk about 'Discernment': How to make great heart-centered choices What is the fear behind choosing? What to do when you feel unsure How to choose presence the frequency of love   REAL talk about REAL life and how to raise your frequency. Conversations that make you think, feel, dream, heal, transform, and recreate. Welcome to Soul Frequency Sessions! A quick and powerful dose [ 5-10 minutes] of truth and inspiration along with time to just hang out and BE - every Sunday.  Let's play, learn, grow, expand, get real, be vulnerable and transform together! Podcast interviews with special guests are published on Wednesdays. Send your questions and show topic requests to .  Follow me on Facebook and on Instagram. LISTEN TO MORE SOUL FREQUENCY SHOWS! WANT TO SHARE THE SHOW? –  share this show through iTunes and many other podcast directories. WANT TO LEAVE US A REVIEW? – leave us a review in iTunes!  I would love to hear from you!! As always, my hope for you is that you love big and live abundantly! xo

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