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Herbal Medicine for Emotional Healing | Tina Sams

The Soul Frequency Show

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The use of herbs is a healing modality from ancient times… And they can be helpful not just for physical ailments but for emotional and spiritual needs as well! Our guest today has been working with herbs for thirty years. Starting off as a hobby with her sister by selling herbs at the renaissance faire, Tina Sams has grown her knowledge and has now authored over twenty books on herbal medicine. She released her latest one earlier this year—it’s called Herbal Medicine for Emotional Healing. We’ve got tinctures and teas galore in this episode! In our conversation, Tina shares some herbal wisdom from her decades of experience—and she sprinkles in practical advice and herb recommendations for you to get started with as well. Click play to dive in! DOWNLOAD THE RAISE YOUR FREQUENCY MEDITATION NOW! What you’ll find inside this conversation… How do adaptogen herbs help us handle stress? The immediate effects of Holy Basil… What’s herbal energetics? And how does it apply to your life? Bringing balance back to the mind and body… Where can you safely source herbs?   More resources for your high-vibe life… Find Tina’s herbal tinctures at Get your copy of Herbal Medicine for Emotional Healing: 101 Natural Remedies for Anxiety, Depression, Sleep and More Follow me on Instagram @TheSoulFrequency LISTEN TO MORE SOUL FREQUENCY SHOWS! Send me your questions and show topic requests to  Follow me on Facebook and on Instagram. WANT TO SHARE THE SHOW? –  share this show through iTunes and many other podcast directories. WANT TO LEAVE US A REVIEW? – leave us a review in iTunes!  I would love to hear from you!! As always, my hope for you is that you love big and live abundantly! xo

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