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DNA Upgrades | Shanna Lee

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Are you afraid of shining your light? I invite you to step into soul freedom in 2021. Surrounded by a sea of negativity, it’s more important than ever that we lightworkers feel cradled by a supportive community. To feel grounded. To feel connected. To feel in tune with the Universe. You are not alone on the journey this year. In fact, you’re right where you need to be… Inside this episode is a message from Spirit for you. Join me in celebrating life and its beautiful lessons. Let’s welcome the new year together! Click play to learn more.   DOWNLOAD THE RAISE YOUR FREQUENCY MEDITATION NOW!     More resources for your high-vibe life… Join us FREE January 11th – 15th at the Infinite You Summit Are you living in your soul’s highest alignment? Download the free guide! Join me for The Soul Frequency Experience at Follow me on Instagram @TheSoulFrequency LISTEN TO MORE SOUL FREQUENCY SHOWS! Send me your questions and show topic requests to  Follow me on Facebook and on Instagram. WANT TO SHARE THE SHOW? –  share this show through iTunes and many other podcast directories. WANT TO LEAVE US A REVIEW? – leave us a review in iTunes!  I would love to hear from you!! As always, my hope for you is that you love big and live abundantly! xo

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