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Building a Third-Party Movement (w/ Eugene Puryear)

Left Bitches (who are right)

News & Politics

"Lesser of two evils" crushing your soul? The Bitches get optimistic: Building a viable 3rd-party alternative has happened before in the US and yes, it can happen again. Eugene Puryear of Breakthrough News on how to unify working people around the one issue that threatens us all. Why was #ForceTheVote on Medicare for All such an epic failure? Did The Squad fumble their leverage with Pelosi on purpose? Did they have any to begin with? We get into it over celebrity culture in politics: Should AOC's failure to disrupt really surprise us? And in the absence of unions, who and what we really need to rally as many people as possible. We talk the Movement for a People's Party celeb backing, and losing control of leftist narrative to corporate mainstreaming. Plus, Julian Assange, hypocritical journalists, the brutality of American prisons, and taking the good where we can! Happy 2021, Bitches! The Left Bitches are Anissa Naouai, Erica Marable, Rania Khalek, and Amanda Getty. Produced by Gregory Haddock with music by Jonathan Hurley. Visit for access to extended episodes and bonus content.

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Warning: The following content may contain elements that are not suitable for some audiences. (Explicit / Mature content)

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