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Guest Bio:You Can't F*ck Up Your Kids was published by Simon & Schuster on March 31. Beyond the provocative title, Powers uses her 15+ years of journalism experience to bust the biggest myths of parenthood, giving parents the tools to end the judgment we face. The book is a spin-off of the #NoShameParenting movement, which reached 170 million+ people on social media, which Powers co-created as the former editor in chief of Yahoo Parenting. She has written or spoken about it in The New York Times, Washington Post, Good Morning America, Yahoo and many other nationwide outlets; gotten positive reviews in Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, and Library Journal, and her book has been named a "hot new release" on Amazon. Lindsay Powers has covered culture, health, science, and families for more than a decade, with her work appearing in or on The Washington Post, the New York Times, New York magazine, the New York Post, Us Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter, Cosmopolitan, Good Morning America, the Today show, Fox News, CNN, the CBS Early Show, and many other nationwide outlets. She is the former VP of lifestyle and entertainment at SiriusXM and lifestyle director of Yahoo. Lindsay Powers lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two young sons, ages 4 and 6.You can order "You Can't F*ck Up Your Kids " here: Amazon order link.@NoShameParenting on Instagram, @LKPE on Twitter, @Lindsay Powers or @NoShameParenting on Facebook.Helpful Links:Lindsay's Op-ed for the Washington Post Parents, Our Idea of Success is All Wrong.Report from the UN yesterday that said women could see any race of a generations worth of gains undoneChristine's Book Bending the Bow (Children's Rights Excerpt)Greg Baer Real Love and ParentingKhalil Gibran's On ChildrenSupport this show See for privacy and opt-out information.

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