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Brian Clement: Vitality, Sexual Vitality and Andropause (aka *Man*opause)

The Rose Woman

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Things we talk about:The purpose of sex beyond reproductionTranscendant sexualityThe first steps to healthy sexual embodimentHealth firstChi and Life ForceThe connection between a clean, organic plant based diet and your vitalityThe high cost of a bad relationshipYour inner quiet is the true powerThe obligation to live your best life and be in full joyLove between people as a key to world peaceHelpful Links:Hippocrates InstituteHippocrates Online Training ProgramsSeven Keys to Lifelong Sexual Vitality Man-opause book (aka Andropause)Ram Dass on Transcending and OrgasmZEGGTameraOrganic underwear - not polyester or nylon bras About Brian Clement, PhD, LNBrian is the co-director of the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida. Since that time, he has directed the Institute’s growth and development, as well as facilitated the implementation of progressive natural health treatments and programs. Brian’s progressive ideas on natural health, coupled with his vast theoretical and practical science experience, have provided him with the opportunity to conduct countless seminars, lectures and educational programs. He has traveled to more than 25 countries motivating the public to take action to improve their lives. Most recently, he was commissioned by government-supported organizations to establish, organize and direct health programs in Denmark, Switzerland, Greece and India. Brian has also written numerous books in which he explores the various aspects of health, spirituality and natural healing. His best-selling book, “Living Foods for Optimum Health,” has been acclaimed by Marilyn Diamond, co-author of the book “Fit for Life,” as “an important and eminently readable book for the new era of self-care,” and by Coretta Scott King as a “landmark guide to the essentials of healthy living.”Find Hippocrates on IGSupport this show See for privacy and opt-out information.

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Warning: The following content may contain elements that are not suitable for some audiences. (Explicit / Mature content)

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