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If You Can't Do It In Jeans . . .

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You want to be able and ready, not just good at working out.Readiness means going beyond just capability so you can actually access and apply your skills and abilities when needed. Chances are, you don't wear sweats and trainers all day, so you really have to stop a moment and think about how your clothes limit you.That why we say that if you can't perform a skill you've practiced while wearing the things you usually wear, you can't really perform that skill completely on-demand. Andy wrote a loooong article (not really) about jeans. This episode extends the premise with tips for making the most of your actual capabilities under everyday conditions. We'll tell you how to assess your wardrobe, how to learn to move as well as possible in what you already wear, and how to consider physical autonomy both seasonally and as you add to your wardrobe. No, we can't believe it either - the first GMB Show about shopping...The Scout Motto is be prepared. As lifelong martial artists, we look at situational awareness and defensive capability as basic skills. Don't get tripped up (literally) when life throws you for a curve. Support the show (

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