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Redefining Your Impossible

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If you've tried something new even once in your life, you might be familiar with falling flat on your face, possibly literally.In this episode, Ryan chats with David 'Jacko' Jackson and Tim Stevenson, founders of School of Calisthenics. They talk in-depth about how they developed their philosophy of "redefining your impossible" by exploring your physical potential through body weight training.  Jacko and Tim share their stories and thoughts on:why play might be more the most important thing you can dohow breakthroughs in your training apply to your lifehow to start working on hand-balancing on your ownwhy humour and community are keyIf you want insight on how to reframe something that feels out of reach, this is an episode you definitely want to stick in your ear hole.Resources:School of Calisthenics Website / YouTube / InstagramStrength, Play and Conditioning ProgrammesLearn the Whole Handstand Process VideoSupport the show (

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