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Trajectory of a Fitness Journey

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Everyone starts the new year with a slew of well-intentioned goals. And with goal setting comes questions of how to take the steps to reach them, when you'll hit that mark, and how to know if you're doing the right thing.In this episode, Andy and Ryan talk about ideals, expectations and reality, and how to honestly and confidently start or continue your fitness journey.We cover:why there is no set path and no optimal rate of progress3 examples of where you might be in your fitness journey how to assess and progress from where you aretrade-offs you might need to makehow to set a goal and take the first stepsLearn how to assess where you are and take the first or next step to get where you want to go.Resources:Programs: Elements / Integral Strength / Mobility / Vitamin / MobiusArticle: Set and Achieve Fitness Goals Episode: 4 Archetypes of Training Goals Episode: Don't Let Your Workout Make You Worse at Your SportSupport the show (

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