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Rebel Therapist with Annie Schussler

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My guest today is Annie Schussler.  Annie is a former therapist, current business coach, and creator of the podcast "Rebel Therapist."  Annie helps spiritual entrepreneurs and business owners find their niche, develop their why, and build their confidence and skills in entrepreneurship.  We have a lovely conversation today about why people tend to give up too soon in business.  We also talk about how her podcasts can help give guidance to any newbies out there. If you have ever thought about starting a business, then you won't want to miss today's episode.  Follow Annie: Contact me: melissaoatman77@gmail 636-748-4943   Purchase my book Beautifully Broken:     Purchase my book Mindfulness Matters   Follow me on social media:   Donations are not necessary, however, if you feel inclined to donate to my channel through Venmo or PayPal, your energetic gifts are very much appreciated! Venmo @Melissa-Ann-161 PayPal:  

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