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Episode 25- Basic B**** Season is here!!!



Conocast #25: Basic B**** Season is here!!Hello Goon Squad, Welcome back to another episode of Conocast.Do you Smell that? Yup Crisp Fall air, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Basic bitches on IG. Summer is officially over, and we are just getting started!In todays episode We Talk Postseason Baseball, NFL News, the Official Spence V Porter.Politics should be a sport and Trump isn't doing so Hot, more Investigation, more crap coming out of washington, we will also cover some of the headlines from the nations capital and what that means moving toward the 2020 elections.Today, we dig deep on the Subject of Manhood, Cancel culture and why these two subject happen to be going hand in hand in today's Pop Culture war. Enjoy!Don't forget to Follow us on Social media Facebook, IG, and Twitter.Or email us at

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