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Episode 27: NBA is the Joker!



HOLY CRAP!Conocast is back BEFORE WE GET STARTED, we want to apologise for all the technical difficulties we have been going through. But hopefully with the help from the great people at Spreaker and get that fixed, but today we are live!!!!!!!We Are going to To recap the last several weeks in our lives, Joa and I were guest on the U and Go Odyssey Podcast hosted by Rudy Ramsey, as Usual we dive deep into Sports News and Updates. Miami Hurricanes with their first win, Dolphins Still suck, Plan moving toward 2020, MLB playoffs and XFL draft talk and possible competition for the NFL. NBA players and GM across the Association are in deep PR trouble as they try to salvage relationships with China after comment of Hong Kong Protest. And like always we Pick our Winners and losers of the week, cover Current events and so much more.*Calls to action* Facebook, IG, Twitter. Itunes, Spotify, Rate and review, 5 stars Email us At

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