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FHP S2: E39 - The Blame Game

Redefining Strength Fitness Hacks

Health & Fitness

Whether we succeed or we fail, ultimately?Well ultimately we are to blame.However, it isn’t easy to accept that we are at fault.It’s way easier to blame outside factors…We didn’t have enough time.The plan was flawed.Work or life obligations got in the way.But guess what?It’s still your fault no matter how “real” or valid the excuses are.And that should actually be a positive thing if we truly want to make a change.Because it then means that ultimately YOU are in CONTROL.When we blame outside forces, we give them the power.We give them power, because we don’t want to be at fault.It sucks admitting you failed.It’s hard to realize we sucked at something. Or didn’t stick to the plan.It’s suck to admit we have a weakness.But when you admit it’s your own flaw?You also gain control of your future.You then have the power to CHANGE your situation.That control, and the acceptance of your failures, is what ultimately leads to your success.Those that succeed honestly often don’t really have a better plan. They didn’t have perfect timing.Shit got in the way and they had countless setbacks.But they owned their failures. Blamed themselves and not things outside of their control.And they put in the work to make the changes.Stop blaming everything but yourself.Because ultimately YOU are in control.Ultimately only you can choose how to react to a situation. Only you can choose to move forward.

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