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FHP S2: E41 - I'll Start Tomorrow

Redefining Strength Fitness Hacks

Health & Fitness

With the holidays approaching, I begin to hear, the excuses as to why this isn’t the right time to start the program.Well guess what?Because of all of those exact same reasons, because it is the holiday season, it is EXACTLY the reason to start something. We can’t just keep saying “I’ll start tomorrow!”I actually mentioned the term I use to describe our behavior during the holidays when it comes to fitness in an email the other day as WINDOW SHOPPING.We make the excuse that it isn’t the right time.But no time is the right time.And what ends up happening when we have that perspective is we dig ourselves a hole we then have to climb out of.At some point what we just have to decide is that TODAY IS THE DAY.So what can we do to get started when it’s not the right time instead of saying I’ll start tomorrow?Be realistic.Focus on maintaining.See it as a time to experiment.Downshift your habits - if you usually track, try being less rigid with it. Try working in holiday treats. Focus less on quality and more on consistency.

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