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Kieran Lindars Interview

Propulsion Swimming Podcast

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Challenge Daytona, Triathlon Training and Funding Kieran Lindars joins us on this week's Propulsion Swimming Podcast, to talk through with us his build-up and expectations going into Challenge Daytona this weekend! We talk with Kieran about how his preparations have been affected by COVID, especially with limited time in a swimming pool.  We also discuss what swim training he would regularly look at doing, with the aim of improving his strongest triathlon discipline, and how he manages to fund being a Pro Triathlete without any governing body support! SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE OUR LATEST VIDEO Welcome to the Propulsion Swimming Podcast. Kick back and join us as we celebrate the world of swimming every week! We will be showcasing all things swimming, ranging from swimming technique advice to discussing the latest news from pools and clubs around the world. Our primary aim is to bring swimming the coverage it deserves and also share our personal experiences and knowledge through our resident swimming coach - a former freestyle Olympic and Commonwealth trialist - and host - a fitness keen former sprinter. Whether you want to learn how to swim, improve the swimming leg of your triathlon or simply need new drills to enhance your next swim set, be sure to tune in every Thursday with us on the Propulsion Swimming Podcast. ENQUIRES

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