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Matt O'Brien

Self Esteem Party


On this week’s episode, Alana and her guest Matt O’Brien (Just For Laughs, Comedy Central) talk about Matt’s sky high self esteem and why he should be allowed to enjoy it! We’ve all been in a rut and Alana celebrates the burst of energy Matt has given her even in the darkest of times. They discuss career victories, Covid safety and, as always, the importance of self care. Also, Alana has a massive audio issue as always but sorts it out all by herself like the brave woman she is. Producer/husband/roommate Norm Sousa is in a terrible mood and Alana is paying the price. They both decide they need a bit of a break and a “justified relax” even though Alana is breezing through life. Too cute! MASSIVE UPDATE: Alana debuts a new podcast logo and the crowd goes nuts!

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