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Episode 106: [SCI-FI] Adrift Homeless 1x10 "The Fall of Project Rebirth Part 2" Week 4

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This is week 4 of 4. You don't have to start at the very beginning of every book, but you might at least want to start at the beginning of the chapter with week 1 for the recap. Previously on Adrift Homeless: Rommeria is a dying desert world, in a one planet solar system surrounded by a nebula. The nation of Hymalious City has formed a conglomerate with the other nations of their planet to build a massive colony ship to the stars, known as project Rebirth. Only one nation opposes them, and that’s the nation of Blazkor, a terrorist nation lead by the ruthless tyrant Suma Davi’s. Her grandfather was a war criminal for genetic experiments he conducted on innocent people. The experiments included genetic modification to force compliance amongst the people of Blazkor. Little did anyone know he also conducted experiments in human evolution and life extension through the use of technology and cybernetics. After Suma’s failed coup, she was killed and her body was brought to a hidden sand palace where she was given new life through her grandfather’s cybernetics, coming face to face with a digital version of her grandfather after having been estranged following his death decades earlier. General Ed Gilber leads the project Rebirth, and he’s found a civilian first officer in Doctor David Stanfield, roommate to the recently recruited Emma Penman, newly appointed Chief Engineer of the project, a position previously held by her mother. It was upon recruiting the doctor, and helping science whiz Kathrine Prossseek a rare unknown element in the deep desert, that war broke out between Hymalious City forces and the Blazkor Nation. There were many losses on both sides, but Hymalious City was victorious, defeating Suma Davi’s’ army. Emma’s kid brother Alec Penman, a talented computer hacker, came face to face with his dangerous abusive father for the first time since he was a baby, and was recruited to illicitly secure spots aboard the Rebirth. Little did he know he was securing spots for a Blazkor attack led by Suma Davi’s on the Project. Her men easily took the ship, and have set it and everyone on it in a slow free fall towards the planet in a plan to wipe out all Rommerian life with one blow. ----------------------------------- My name is Andrew Geczy. My brand is 99% Geek found at I'm a writer, writing monthly chapters of novels like episodes of TV shows, releasing them in 4 weekly parts (a teaser and three acts) on Sundays on my Patreon page at At the end of the month the finished chapter is added to the PDFs attached at the bottom of every post. Finally, the finished books are self-published on Amazon. There's Urban Fantasy tales about a teenage girl turned into a vampire against her will, or a scorned lover investigating paranormal phenomena, or a journalist covering news and politics in the Middle East. There's a sci-fi story about people on a dying world trying to build a ship to a new one. There's a fantasy story about a fallen angel trying to stop the end of the world. And there's more coming. And it's all attached to the bottom of every post on the site in convenient PDF format readable on computers, tablets, ebook readers, and phones. I also have a Geeky Weekly Blog and host video game playthroughs and matchmaking streams on Twitch and eventually post them on my Youtube and Patreon pages. So stay tuned, and maybe subscribe. It's only a dollar and the support you show will go a very long way, I promise. There are also higher tiers. Give 5 dollars one month and you can name a character, or location, or suggest a thing you might want to see. Basically you get to give a noun, and then I promise to incorporate that noun into one of my stories somehow. Maybe not the same month you give the suggestion, but within one cycle of books guaranteed. No matter how crazy, you can't sabotage me. I promise. And you can keep giving nouns, for every month you pay at the 5 dollar tier. Or if you give 10 dollars, you don't get two nouns, but you can give a description. Describe the personality of your character, or the look of your location, or the importance of your item. For 10 dollars you get a noun and a description. You can also give a dollar towards supporting my efforts at Video Game streaming, or my weekly blog. I'm as poor as it gets, living pay check to pay check (and sometimes starving). So I understand if you are too. I don't wanna take food out of your mouths. Your attention is enough. Say something, comment here or at the very least, follow me on Twitter @AndrewGeczy or Instagram @WingcommanderIV or email me at or you can fill out a contact form at Live Long and Prosper, May the Force Be With you, We are the 99% geek.

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