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103. Love Advice from My Uber Driver!

Lessons in Life & Love with Coach Riana Milne

Health & Fitness

103. Love Advice from My Uber Drver - Omar Angel in Ft. Lauderdale FL. Get some laughs and much needed comic relief on Show 103 of Lessons in Life & Love Podcast; as I interview our Uber Driver on a rainy night as my best friend Robin and I head out to hear a band and go dancing. The "Lessons in Life & Love LIVE Challenge" is all about interviewing everyday people who want to help others by giving loving help and advice about Life & Love - You'll be surprised at what Omar has to say!! Enjoy & have some laughs with this one! XO Coach Riana (Please Subscribe, Share & leave your comments if you want to hear more of the LIVE Challenge podcasts!) Riana's books on Mindfulness in Life & Love:  1) Live Beyond Your Dreams: from Fear & Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose & Success 2) LOVE Beyond Your Dreams - Break Free of Toxic Relationships to Have the Love You Deserve - Website: For Free Love Tests, eBook & Book Chapter downloads. for Unique Gifts for Successful Adults who are Smart, Sexy, Successful and Winning at the Game of Life! Where to listen: Podcast Archives: iTunes:                            YouTube: TuneIn: Spotify: Stitcher: iHeart: Join my Social Media for Free Masterclasses, videos, interviews, summits, articles, and more! Facebook: LinkedIn: YouTube: Instagram: #CoachRianaMilne #LOVEBeyondYourDreams #LIVEBeyondYourDreams #ChildhoodTrauma #LoveTraumaRecoveryCoach #lifeskills #Selfesteem #lifecoach #lovecoach #LessonsinLifeandLovepodcast #LifeCoachNearMe #Mindfulness #MindsetforSuccess #anxiety #Spirituality #mentalhealth #Success #personaltransformation #confidence #empowerment #BusinessSuccess #RelationshipCoach #SinglesCoach #SuccessfulRelationships #Uber

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