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Urban Fantasy 2x10 "Homeward Bound" Week 4

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This is week 4 of 4. You don't have to start at the very beginning of every book, but you might at least want to start at the beginning of the chapter with week 1 for the recap.

Rachel Lin Smith was just a shy teenage girl until she was turned into a vampire against her will by an evil serial killing monster. Escaping from his perverted clutches, she was able to put a stop to his reign of terror with the help of her geeky friends, who have been working hard to re-acclimate her to her quiet suburban life. Her friends include the most popular girl in school Tanya Daytton (Daughter of the mayor and real name Shawna Dixon) and her childhood best friend, the pudgy and geeky Ian Fletcher. The only thing her two best friends have in common is their love for her. Her other friends include the smart-mouthed loser geek Andrew Grezzy, the cowardly and fussy Bilal Valenca, the gentle giant genius Charlie Gordon, the military obsessed Jason Stride, the sports fan with his brothers car Mike Jones, and Tanya’s best friend Alice. There’s also been two new kids in town, a teen with Synesthesia Jon Mason who has been sharing dreams of an alien world with Rachel, and his loyal protector government experiment Erika Sannik who has had no such dreams and is too old to go to Abbey Park.

Together they fought to protect Tanya’s Time Traveling father Joseph Dixon from a cult that believed he was a prophesied wizard meant to bring magic back to the world, a force long lost to the ages. While they succeeded at protecting the mayor, they also got their asses kicked, and Rachel was taken, leaving the rest of the gang helpless. Ian tried to cast a spell to get Rachel back, but the spell misfired and their entire school was transformed into a maze where a creature was hunting them, killing and devouring children as it went. Tanya had no choice but to step through a swirling vortex to an alien world where she was able to close a tear in space/time and free her school. Meanwhile, Rachel has been trying to escape her imprisonment, finding a possible ally in the samurai vampire ronin Satoru, a man who stood up for her against Christopher Dalish. She’s also taken a female cultist named Tulip under her wing. Their attempts to escape were thwarted and they’ve been locked in the dungeons and left to rot.


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