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15: The Folding Future

The Test Drivers


Surprise! Microsoft are releasing the Surface Duo! How will it stack up against the Z Fold 2? There's also a lot of upheaval in the world of video games, and your hosts are starting to dabble in mechanical keyboards... This episode of The Test Drivers is sponsored by: Mint Mobile: Cut your wireless bill to $15 a month. Pingdom: Start monitoring your website performance and availability today, and get instant alerts when an outage occurs or a site transaction fails. Use offer code TESTDRIVERS to get 30% off. Offer expires on January 31, 2021, and can be used only once. Hover: Make a name for yourself. Get 10% off any domain name. Links and Show Notes: Support The Test Drivers with a Relay FM Membership Upgrade #311: Summer of App Store Problems - Relay FM Connected #308: Wocka Wocka; dingdingdingding - Relay FM Fortnite is BANNED - This Is - YouTube Microsoft’s new Xbox Series S console confirmed in leaked controller packaging - The Verge The Test Drivers #3: Xbox Series X Exclusive, and the Z Flip Gang - Relay FM Microsoft delays Halo Infinite to 2021 - The Verge Deathloop delayed to next year, says Arkane - Polygon Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review: It Better Be Good! - MKBHD - YouTube Note 20 Ultra review: big phone, small updates - The Verge - YouTube Note 20 Ultra - Let’s Talk - Dave2d - YouTube Wi-Fi 6, explained: how fast it really is - The Verge Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G | Smartphones | Samsung New Surface Duo – Dual-Screen Mobile Productivity, Do One Better – Microsoft Surface Microsoft Surface Duo | Press Briefing, August 11, 2020 - YouTube Did I Flip?! - This Is - YouTube I found the PERFECT keyboard - Austin Evans - YouTube Razer Huntsman Dygma Raise Keychron K6 Drop CTRL Mechanical Keyboard Myke's Pokémon Keycaps S-Craft Studio

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