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16: Microsoft’s Fliptastic Adventure

The Test Drivers


Austin has spent a ton of time with the Surface Duo – how does it stack up against the competition. Also, what are NVIDIA cooking up?! This episode of The Test Drivers is sponsored by: Pingdom: Start monitoring your website performance and availability today, and get instant alerts when an outage occurs or a site transaction fails. Use offer code TESTDRIVERS to get 30% off. Offer expires on January 31, 2021, and can be used only once. Sync Up, a OneDrive podcast: Takes you behind the scenes of OneDrive Links and Show Notes: This episode was recorded before the Xbox Series S news. More on that next time! Support The Test Drivers with a Relay FM Membership Epic judge will protect Unreal Engine — but not Fortnite - The Verge Relay FM for St. Jude 2020 Gaming PC Speed Build (GONE WRONG) - YouTube Nvidia’s new RTX 3090 is a $1,499 monster GPU designed for 8K gaming - The Verge NVIDIA just made EVERYTHING ELSE obsolete. - LTT - YouTube Qualcomm’s 8cx Gen 2 5G processor promises a new wave of better ARM-based laptops - The Verge Surface Duo Unboxing & Impressions: Hinge Goals! - MKBHD - YouTube Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Unboxing: 3 Major Upgrades! - MKBHD - YouTube Fold, Flip, or Duo: why fold a phone? - The Verge - YouTube Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 - Unboxing, Gaming and first impressions! - iJustine - YouTube

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