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Build Your SaaS – bootstrap in 2020


This week on the program, Justin and Jon talk about: A friend, whose SaaS has grown 300% since the beginning of the quarantine. They just hit $6k in MRR. At that stage, he's in the "almost but not yet." You're either: Brainstorming how to make money faster Brainstorming how to work less Different stages: Pre-launch stage: you're working on your product on the side. It's fun! There's nothing stealing your time and attention because you don't have customers yet. The beta stage: still pretty fun! You have a few customers who are using your product, and maybe paying you money. The "launched" stage: now, you have way more users. Now you're doing way more customer support, responding to feature requests. How much did we work when we were building Transistor?Jon figures we spent 45 to 60 hours a week (each). Jason Calacanis’ tweet: "It takes 100 hours per week to build a business!" “Good businesses have margin." Josh Wood: "At Honeybadger, we work 30 hours per week." Margin gives you the opportunity, as a founder, to live beyond your keyboard. To engage with the world. Sandy Hudson (Sandra & Nora podcast): "The quarantine gave people the time and space to wrestle with the current moment." The Dept of Veteran Affairs "As your little baby Rails app grows up, you can't just run everything on the same service." "The whole internet is just patchwork of pipes and duct tape."  You can reply to this podcast here: Twitter: @buildyoursaas, @mijustin, @jonbuda Leave a comment on PodHunt; it's like Reddit, but for podcasts. Email us: ★ Bootstrapper shout-out of the week: LessAccounting Cloud base accounting software and services for non-accountants. This used to be owned by Allan Branch (Paul Kogan owns it now). It’s specifically designed for small businesses with 1-25 employees and contractors Thanks to our monthly supporters: Colt Borg Marc Beinder Anton Zorin Bill Condo Sofia Quintero Diogo Chris Willow Mason Hensley Borja Soler Ward from Travis Fischer Matt Buckley, from  Russell Brown Evandro Sasse Pradyumna Shembekar (PD), Noah Prail, Robert Simplicio, Colin Gray Josh Smith, Ivan Curkovic Brian Rhea (Pronounced “Ray”) Shane Smith, Austin Loveless Michael Sitver, Paul Jarvis and Jack Ellis,  Dan Buda Darby Frey Samori Augusto, Brad from Canada Sammy Schuckert Mike Walker Adam DuVander Dave Giunta (JOOnta) Kyle Fox ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★

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