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Build Your SaaS – bootstrap in 2020


Justin is joined by everybody's favorite Twitter Uncle: Ian Landsman (founder of HelpSpot). Ian's encounter with his internet hero Joel Spolsky Do you get worried that this all going to go away? How scared should we be of the competition? How do you hedge your bets? We prognosticate about what our bootstrapper friends' blind spots are. 🤣 We both ask for investors live, on air. How founders should manage their personal finances. How our past experience can make us blind to opportunities. How can devs connect with marketers? Which startups would we invest in. What should we talk about next? Twitter: @buildyoursaas, @mijustin, @jonbuda, @ianlandsman Leave a comment on PodHunt; it's like Reddit, but for podcasts. Email us: Thanks to our monthly supporters: Take It EV podcast Ethan Gunderson Helmut Irle Colt Borg Marc Beinder Anton Zorin Bill Condo Sofia Quintero Chris Willow Mason Hensley Borja Soler Ward from Travis Fischer Matt Buckley, from  Russell Brown Evandro Sasse Noah Prail, Robert Simplicio, Colin Gray Josh Smith, Brian Rhea (Pronounced “Ray”) Shane Smith, Austin Loveless Michael Sitver, Paul Jarvis and Jack Ellis,  Dan Buda Darby Frey Samori Augusto, Brad from Canada Mike Walker Adam DuVander Dave Giunta (JOOnta) Kyle Fox ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★

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