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Episódio 11 - Alexandre Lazarow, Venture Investor e Escritor

Podcast oficial da Brazil at Silicon Valley


Today we had an extra special guest: Alexandre Lazarow. 

Alexandre is a Venture Investor at Cathay Innovation and just released his book Out-Innovate on how global entrepreneurs are rewriting the rules of Silicon Valley. In his book and in today’s conversation, Alexandre told us how those entrepreneurs build large companies in frontier ecosystems beyond silicon valley, such as in Brazil, and how those companies get known now as Camels, being more resilient and prepared to adversities than the coined term Unicorns.

Alexandre also shared with us how living internationally opened his eyes as a professional and how that led ultimately his choice in becoming a Venture Capital investor.

If you have an interest in Education, Technology, Frontier ecosystems, and Venture capital, this conversation is fascinating.

To purchase Alex's Out-Innovate book, please access: ">  Listen

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