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Selena McCollum: How Do Rental Flowers Work

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About Selena McCollum: Selena McCollum, Co-founder, lead designer. Attended the for undergrad and graduate studies at the Univ of South Carolina, and studied Biology and Public Health, yet began floral design while in high school assisting my mother, an avid gardener and florist. I learned by having hands-on training and grew while attending lots of continuing education floral workshops/conferences with her. Worked primarily with fresh floral weddings through SC and had my own wedding published in Southern Living magazine.In this episode, Jamie, Heather, and Selena discuss:Flower options for couples who want to stretch their flower budget.The inspiration behind the faux floral collections.Predicting and following trends, or making special orders.The joys and hardships of a working family business.Key Takeaways:Creating pieces that are flexible enough to fit in spaces of various sizes yet look custom made.An affordable option for couples that want the looks of fresh flowers for many different aspects and areas of their weddings. The quality of the product is vital. Take the time to replace any blemished pieces. Having adequate inventory, proper logistics, and time to plan and create the arrangements creates a recipe for less stress and more success. "We can design an order to accommodate any bride.” —  Selena McCollumConnect with Selena McCollum:Website: Wedding Flowers For Rent  Connect with The Union Podcast:Website: Connect with Jamie:YouTube: Connect with Heather:Website: Show notes by Podcastologist: Kristen BraunAudio production by Turnkey Podcast Productions. You're the expert. Your podcast will prove it.  

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