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Lilian Hung: Lyra Vega Bridal

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About Lilian Hung: Lilian founded Lyra Vega Bridal in 2016, a direct to consumer bridal e-boutique, created to revolutionize how brides shop for their wedding day. She leads and manages a global supply chain to support all aspects of the business, and the company has proudly maintained a 0% return rate in an industry where the average is 50%. Prior to starting her own business, Lilian was an event planner in the Boston area for 8 years. Today, through Lyra Vega Bridal, she is focused on empowering women to make smart choices with their big day, rather than blindly following tradition.In this episode, Jamie, Heather, and Lilian discuss:Made to measure wedding gowns in around 8-10 weeks.A different way to shop for wedding dresses with a 14-day return policy.Challenging the historical and traditional ideas of a wedding.Changes you would make looking back at your business when it started.Key Takeaways:Low price availability made possible because there is no overheads cost of a brick-and-mortar location with online convenience.Wedding day looks with simple gowns and detailed accessories show better virtually.Hurdles to owning a small business in the wedding industry is the competition with bigger brands.Take your time with your business building a good foundation slowly."Bringing modern options to brides that make more sense for modern women."—  Lilian HungConnect with Lilian Hung:Website:   Instagram: with The Union Podcast:Website: Connect with Jamie:YouTube: Connect with Heather:Website: Show notes by Podcastologist: Kristen BraunAudio production by Turnkey Podcast Productions. You're the expert. Your podcast will prove it.   

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