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"Not like Beauty and the Beast." Fail States; Worldbuilding

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Holly Harrison is back in the clubhouse as Guest Host for a wide-ranging discussion on new consoles, fail states, and worldbuilding. Stephen gives a weird example, Mark makes a funny noise, and Holly invites us to Join Lobby. Plus, we only mention Star Trek once! Join Lobby - Video Game Culture Feed - Holly Harrison, Twitter Bugsnax is Dale's current game of choice Ubisoft’s toxic culture problems allegedly span more than a decade of abuse - Megan Farokhmanesh, The Verge "My dad gives his initial impressions on the PlayStation 5" - Josh Du, Twitter Why Cheaper Next-Gen Gaming is Key to Growing the Games Industry - Alysia Judge, IGN Image Mark found a way to hide his PS5 on a bookshelf. Stephen and Charles mentioned they have a "secret Target" for console releases GDC 2017 Special (Part 2) Target reopens E. Lake Street store heavily damaged in riots - Dee DePass, Star Tribune Fail States 32:28 Stephen McGregor Game Design Shadow Complex (2009) - Wikipedia Worldbuilding 57:08 Mark LaCroix Game Design Narrative "Queer identity in Watch Dogs: Legion should be more than flavor text" - Carolyn Petit, Polygon

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