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"A Spark Plug." 200th Episode Special

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Your nice host emeritus Martha Megarry returns to the (virtual) clubhouse, along with Dale LaCroix (of Evil Games Club) to celebrate 200 episodes! Each of your nice hosts have picked an episode from the past 4 years and pulled clips to listen to and discuss, expanding on the original topics. We also talk about the past, present, and future of the show, and and and... well, it's a double-length episode, so listen and find out! Did we mention we now have a Patreon? 100th Episode Special (revisit) 0:11:42 Mark LaCroix IRL Meta You heard right, we've got merch! Get your Nice Games Club t-shirt today! Favicon (pronounciation) - Wiktionary Learning Through Games (revisit) 0:52:05 Ellen Burns-Johnson Game Design Meta UI / UX Pointer (computer programming) - Wikipedia Adventures With Anxiety! - Nicky Case Messages and Meanings (revisit) 1:13:45 Stephen McGregor Game Design Meta Portal 2 Finds A Unique Way to Offend - Michael McWhertor, Kotaku No chess at the Olympics anytime soon - André Schulz, ChessBase Game Libraries (revisit) 1:46:04 Martha Megarry Gaming Meta Our favorite games from the racial justice bundle - Engadget Lizzy Crossing - Eva Lee

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