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3. Anyone For Spurgling?

Freezing Time

Society & Culture

Is egg freezing 100% the right thing for me? How can I know for sure that I even want children? To help examine my feelings on the topic, I meet Lottie Gross, a 29-year-old woman who’s fighting to have her ‘tubes tied’, and Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones, who once admitted to stealing her partner’s sperm in a bid to have a baby. I also talk to my fertility doctor, the lovely Dr James Nicopoullos, about the science behind freezing and why it’s boomed in recent years, and I continue to take my nasal spray while waiting for my period to arrive.

*This podcast is not to replace medical advice. Always speak to your doctor if you have any concerns about your fertility or treatment*

Freezing Time is written and produced by Hannah Varrall and Sophia Money-Coutts, and created by OffScript.


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