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Dec 8, 2020

Disney: MisInfoNation - Magic, Wonder, and fabulous (no, really!) food! 

The mission of MisInfoNation is to help us understand whether our ideas about a place are real or just Imagined. But what about a place that was built on imagination? A place that would be the most visited country on earth… if it was a country? This week, we’re finding out with a trip to Disney.

Disney’s films are burned into the memory of nearly every single person alive. It’s world is immense, unavoidable, unmatched and undeniable. But the parks… well the parks are the real country of Disney. Deep Disney. A place where you walk, ride, eat, and meet the locals.

This is no cartoon, this is a place where you will certainly need a map, a plan, a schedule and a guide. And this week, we’ve got a good one. A parks mega fan. A snappy dresser. A foodie and a theme park journalist and the host of her own Disney podcast, Very Amusing: the whip smart, bubbly fountain of Diz wisdom, Carlye Wisel.

On this episode of MisInfoNation, Carlye’s going to help us sort out what the world gets right about Walt Disney World (and Disneyland. And Epcot. And Tokyo Disney.) and what it gets wronger than Goofy leaning against a wall with his head off. What’s it like to live as a Citizen (AKA a cast member) of Disney? Is there such a thing as good food in a theme park? And does Disney really make its own… smells? And of course the most important question of all - we’re going to the happiest place on earth… to find out if it really is.

Plus, if you think food at a theme parks is all bland hotdogs and overpriced sodas, Caryle’s got some Saved Pins to prove you wrong.

For more, including links to the things we talked about, and the places we visited, plus a full transcript, visit

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