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20 episodes

Sep 25, 2020

Talos Takes Ep. #31: Diving even deeper into Cobalt Strike 

Snort researcher and rule-writer Nick Mavis takes time out of his busy schedule to join us again this week. Nick recently published a research paper on the bevy of detection he wrote for Cobalt Strike, a tool attackers are increasingly using. Nick talks about his process of working on the paper, why Cobalt Strike has become so popular and what he learned during the research process.

Sep 18, 2020

Talos Takes Ep. #30: Spamming from Salfram 

On this week’s episode, Edmund Brumaghin joins the show again to talk about a recent blog post on Salfram. This threat actor is spreading lots and lots of spam and using it to deliver a variety of malware. Here’s why this threat specifically caught our eye and how it’s evolving over time.

Aug 20, 2020

Talos Takes Ep. #27: Why are we so obsessed with attribution? 

On this episode of Talos Takes, we talk all about attribution. Our guest, Martin Lee, recently co-authored a post on the hurdles government agencies and private researchers alike face when trying to place blame for a cyber attack. Martin talks about why we’re so obsessed with placing the blame, what false flags are and what helpful things can actually come from attributing a threat.

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