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The Joy of Swimming

Pat Kelman

9 episodes

Jan 1, 2021

Sarah Kennedy Norquoy and the power of processing emotion and grief through cold water swimming 

Sarah Kennedy Norquoy is the author of the swimming memoir "Salt On My Skin", and she joins Pat Kelman in a compelling and entertaining conversation about cold water swimming, the process of writing, and processing emotion and grief. 

Join The Joy of Swimming Discussion Group to enter a competition to win one of five copies of Sarah's book. (ends Jan 31, 2021)

Topics in the episode

  • Episode introduction  [1.15]
  • Sarah introduces herself and how she started cold water swimming [2.50]
  • The experience of being in nature [7.45]
  • Starting a new life in Orkney [9.45]
  • Connecting with community [16.50]
  • Body Acceptance [20.35]
  • The origin of the book [24.50]
  • Self Publishing and her mother's reaction to the book [30.30]
  • Swimming tips [33.55]
  • How to find Sarah [36.00]
  • Episode wrap up [38.00]

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Jan 1, 2021

Pippa Best, Sea Soul Blessings and the power of connecting with the sea 

Pippa Best from Sea Soul Blessings joins Pat Kelman today for a wide-ranging conversation about the experience of connecting emotionally and spiritually with the water. 

In addition to all the wonderful resources Pippa gives for free, she has just launched monthly subscription for sea souls to "a year of sea and kindness"

As Pippa says: "I'm so excited to bring everything I've learnt and created together in one beautiful compassionate space."

You can find out more on Sea Soul Blessings

Topics covered in this episode

  • Episode introduction [0.44]
  • Pippa's background [3.00]
  • Pippa's start in sea swimming [4.10]
  • The first time experience [6.05]
  • The sea gives you what you need [9.00]
  • Losing self-consciousness [12.00]
  • The origin of Sea Soul Blessings [17.00]
  • Being connected with nature [27.40]
  • Pippa shares a Sea Soul Blessing with us [29.25]
  • Pippa's advice for first time cold swimmers [32.35]
  • How to find Pippa [35.17]
  • Pat's Episode conclusion and news [36.45]

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