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Living In The 3rd Degree With BPD

Krazy Papa

34 episodes

May 21, 2021

#34 Putting yourself in their shoes by trying alternatives 

These are a collection of some tips that I gathered by researching online or listening to audio books that I have tried in situations with my wife (who has BPD) and they have worked many times and I wanted to offer them to you. If YOU HAVE BPD: I would suggest that you think of situations in the past or that may arise and try turning the tables and think of the examples I put in place and IF YOU ARE A NON-BPD maybe you should try these tips if you care enough about the person in your life with BPD and if you ant to end a cycle of the same outcome.

These tips may not only help upcoming situations BUT they may end a situation that is a reoccurring situation but you can try to end the cycle with a new approach for a better outcome.

Good luck to all and remember... If you have BPD, you are still a good person, you are special and beautiful! You are loving, caring and compassionate but what might make you question all these good things about yourself is people with BPD generally have a more harsh side then people who don't so with the over the top tantrums, the nasty harsh things you say to your partner it may overshadow the good person that you really are, so if you want to feel better about yourself and have a happier and healthier relationship you need to work on yourself and then the good in you will shine!  

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