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You and Me and BPD

stephanie rb

19 episodes

May 27, 2021

Stress Management, Mindfulness & Meditation 

Hello! Thank you a thousand times over for a year of this podcast. I am so thankful to every one of you who have given me a space to talk and connect and feel supported by this amazing online community we have created. Today's episode is about stress management, specifically how to make sure we are taking care of ourselves before things become so overwhelming we can't handle our emotions anymore. Personally, I struggle a lot with anger issues and trying to make sure I'm not taking out my negativity on the people around me so I figured maybe talking about how I handle and cope with stress/anxiety/physical pain can be a good introduction to incorporating mindfulness and meditation techniques into your life. Mindfulness, to me, is the act of being aware of your emotions and your reactions. It is a tool that can help us feel fully alive in this world, to be connected and take life one moment at a time. Meditation is a practice, something that takes dedication and effort to see results. Meditation is not 'clearing your mind of all thoughts' but rather coming home to your body, your mind, and your spirit in order to feel more at ease in this world. I truly believe that every person can benefit from having a meditation practice and I hope you check out the practice I have recorded for you to begin to learn how to meditate and use mindfulness in your every day life. As always, feel free to reach out on my Instagram @journey.bound if you have any comments or questions or just want to talk ?

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