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The Brendon Osborne Podcast

Brendon Osborne

15 episodes

Apr 21, 2020

Episode #005: Business Owner, Speaker, Coach, & Author - Katie Dean 

Katie Dean is a 2-time author. Her latest book Messy can be found at

Katie Dean is not your typical motivational coach, or a typical anything. She’s a writer, published Author, motivational maven and the woman you want on your team. Katie is a new thought mindset mechanic, a researcher on how to debunk fear and is here to shine a light for women seeking confidence, clarity and courage. She does all this whilst being a Solo Mumma to two beautiful boys, the absolute loves of her life.
With a refreshingly no BS approach, she uses an interactive speaking style,  humour, her worldly insights and tools to take her audience on an epic path of bravery and self-discovery. When you find yourself in the audience of one of Katie's events you know you are in for inspirationally filled with Ah-ha moments that create real change.

Through her booked out coaching, national speaking tours, live events and loved-up writing, she is hell bent on lighting people up, laughing loudly and has created a successful business to help women unearth their brave.

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