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Pamela Prendiville

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Mar 14, 2021

For All Mum Kind with Vicky Phelan 

I’m honoured and awed to be joined on this special Mother’s Day Podcast by the inspirational Vicky Phelan. Vicky is known to us all as the face of the Cervical Check crisis in 2018. Vicky through her unrelenting desire for justice uncovered the medical and political scandal of our times. Vicky has since used her voice to raise awareness, educate and inspire many across Ireland and the World. Vicky is also first and foremost a mum, which has brought its own share of highs and lows. Vicky shares with me her experience of post natal depression after the birth of Amelia and Darragh. We discuss her relationship with her own mum and how she herself sees herself as a mum. At the moment Vicky is in Maryland, U.S.A. taking part in an immunotherapy drug trial for her cervical cancer. We discuss the importance of women to advocate for their own healthcare, how women need to raise their voices to be heard in the search for equality. We discuss what changes needs to be made for women’s health in Ireland and what progress has been made with the recommendations to the Cervical Check Scheme. Vicky is a powerhouse, inspirational, fearless and a formidable woman. A huge thank you to Vicky for taking the time to record this episode with me. If you aren’t already you can follow Vicky on her Twitter and Instagram.: _______________________________________ This episode of For All Mum Kind is dedicated to my own Mom who sadly passed away in September 2020. Solas Mhic Dé ar a n-anam. _______________________________________ This series of the For All Mum Kind podcast is sponsored by the Gardiner Family Apothecary . Caring for your sensitive skin with their Elave and Ovelle solutions and proudly made in Ireland since 1934. From Ovelle Silcock’s Base to Elave Sensitive Beauty, their unique formulations provide low-irritancy, cruelty-free and sustainable skincare solutions for You, Your Family, and Your Sensitive Skin. You can keep up to date with all of their news, discounts, and exclusive offers across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at Gardiner Family Apothecary. Visit their website for free next day delivery with purchases over €25. Pamela x Subscribe on iTunes: Listen on Spotify:

Jul 26, 2020

For All Mum Kind with Naomi Clarke • The Style Fairy 

The final episode of Series Three of the podcast was delayed due to the unexpected early arrival of my second child Peter. I’m delighted to say that everyone is well and healthy and we’ve been home for a few weeks now soaking up all of the lovely baby cuddles. I couldn’t let the season just fizzle out however, especially when I knew what an amazing guest I had lined up to end with. So last week I managed to get an hour away from both of the kids and I sat down with Naomi Clarke, who is better known to most as The Style Fairy for a chat. Naomi is a stylist, digital creator and mum to two gorgeous girls Annabelle Ivy & Luna May.  Naomi shares with me her raw and emotive birth stories of Annabelle and Luna. Due to Naomi’s Type 1 Diabetes, both girls were born at 36 weeks and unfortunately Luna required a stay in the NICU which saw Naomi forced to leave the hospital without her. It’s clear from listening to Naomi the effect of the early arrivals and Luna’s stay in NICU has had on her emotionally.  Once home with Annabelle and Luna, Naomi shares how those first few weeks were at home and how the girls are now the best of friends. We discuss the age old dilemma of finding a work life balance, and the pressures of sharing your life on social media - the good and the bad. It would be impossible to have a chat with the Style Fairy without discussing fashion, and in particular the dreaded maternity wear. And while some brands are beginning to launch stylish ranges, there are still many that are continuing to create frumpy, old fashioned maternity wear. It was an absolute pleasure to talk with Naomi and a heartfelt thank youi for sharing her birth stories with me which I know wasn’t easy for her. You can continue to keep in touch with Naomi on her blog and Instagram pages: That’s a wrap for Series 3. It has been an odd one to say the least. If you told me when I started recording back in February that when I released the final episode I would have my little boy in my arms I would not have believed you. But then there is a lot about 2020 that is hard to believe! Thanks as always to all the mum’s who joined me on this series. And to everyone who has listened and left me comments - please do keep in touch via my Instagram page and keep spreading the word of the pod to any new mums out there. Stay safe. Pamela x Subscribe on iTunes: Listen on Spotify:

Jun 28, 2020

For All Mum Kind with Joanna Fortune 

I was lucky enough to have psychotherapist, author and mother of one, Joanna Fortune join me earlier in the season for the Covid-19 Special. But after chatting to her for those 15 or so minutes, I knew I had to get her back on for a full episode of her own. Joanna is a fountain of knowledge and her two books 15 Minute Parenting 0-7 & 8-12 have helped hundreds of parents to find the tools to communicate with their children and help them grow and develop strong emotional responses. Joanna isn’t about just jumping in and fixing every little problem a child faces. She gives parents the understanding they need to be able to listen to their children and help them to understand that things will be difficult sometimes, but you can overcome them and it will make you a better person. I love how Joanna incorporates play into her methods. She believes that play is a state of mind and we should develop strategies to incorporate play as a way of communicating. If we are continually nagging our children to do something they will disconnect from us. But if we absorb ourselves into their play, and become “interested in our children’s interests" we can become less reliant on verbal communication which often goes unheard by the child. In her latest book Joanna looks at the overlooked age group between 8-12. We tend to focus on the toddler years or the difficult teenage years, but there is so much development formed during this time. Relationship building, emotional growth, bullying and independence are all happening at this age. Joanna offers a roadmap for time poor parents to navigate through these difficult milestones and help better understand their child’s emotional needs. I hope that you find this podcast as helpful and as interesting as I did. And although Alice is a long way away from being 8 there are definitely some ideas that I have already started to incorporate with our own play and communication with her. You can buy Joanna’s books from all the regular bookshops and online stores. And to follow her for daily updates please check out her Instagram: Pamela x Subscribe on iTunes: Listen on Spotify:

Jun 21, 2020

For All Mum Kind with Sue Murphy 

This week on the podcast I chat to radio contributor, media project manager and close friend of mine, Sue Murphy. Sue recently became the mother to a gorgeous little girl Julia and has been dealing with the ups and downs of bringing a newborn into the Covid changed world. Sue and I go back to my college days and its amazing to see how our friendship has changed over the last 15 years. But since Sue has become a mom we have swapped all of our dirty secrets of old for dirty nappies instead. Sue’s path to motherhood was not an easy one. Her first pregnancy sadly ended in miscarriage, so naturally her anxiety levels were far more heightened on the next pregnancy. So when she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes (where the body is not creating enough insulin for the mother and the baby) she was so distraught that she crashed her car into a bus on the way home! The birth of Julia was also traumatic and an experience that Sue still struggles with telling - so I thank her for sharing it with me. After what seemed like an eternal labour, Sue haemorrhaged in child birth and lost a lot of blood. She couldn’t swallow and pretty much passed out after giving birth. Two blood transfusions later Sue was left in pain, tired and emotional and without the support of her husband, who was sent home at night, was left to care for this newborn when she couldn’t even care for herself. She felt “unheard” by the medical professionals and unable to care for her newborn daughter due to the pain. As it is Father’s Day we also chat about the dads in our lives, and the concept of the “fun dad!” We are both blessed to have wonderful father’s to raise our children with - but sometimes we can’t help but compare notes about the stupid things they do. Sorry Ben & Mick, we do love you really. If you don’t know Sue already you can follow her over on Twitter: It was great to catch up with her, and I cannot wait to finally meet little Julia once all the current restrictions are lifted. Hope you enjoy listening to these two old friends having the chats. Pamela x Subscribe on iTunes: Listen on Spotify:

Jun 14, 2020

For All Mum Kind with Vicki O Callaghan • BabyBoo 

Vicki O Callaghan is one half of Irish baby clothing and accessories brand BabyBoo. They are the guys who make those awesome drool busting bandana bibs we all love. She is also the mum to her gorgeous little girl Ruby. During Ruby’s early months she struggled dreadfully with reflux. Vicki was horrified that not only did it take her forever to get anyone to correctly diagnose her poor daughter, the advice she got on how to deal with the problem included “why don’t you just wear three bibs at a time?” Fed up of ruining cute outfit after outfit with ugly plain bibs, Vicki and her old college friend decided that enough was enough and BabyBoo was born. At the beginning the motivation was simple: to be able to earn enough to have the flexibility in her day to be able to drop her daughter to school, like her mum did her. And now, after years of hard work their bibs are being sent all over the world, they are used by a host of celebrities and are the toast of mums everywhere. Being a mum has changed Vicki and made her realise how strong she actually is. She fully admits that the expectation of the mother she thought she would be, and the mother that she’s turned out to be are two different things. But just like in business, motherhood has taught her to be flexible in life, and to have a new found patience that she did not have before. I would like to thank Vicki for being so open about how she got her foothold in business and I hope this episode is an inspiration to any other mums who think they may be sitting on a fantastic business idea. Go out there and do it ladies. If you haven't already I highly recommend you check of BabyBoo’s fantastic range of products. We have used their bibs on Alice from day one and they are not only stylish but hugely functional and hard wearing too: You can also follow her on Instagram: Pamela x Subscribe on iTunes: Listen on Spotify:

Jun 7, 2020

For All Mum Kind with Aoife Bermingham · Mum On The Run Blog 

Blogger, travel enthusiast and mother to three (and one angel), Aoife Bermingham joins me on this week’s episode of the podcast. Most will know her from her Mum On The Run blog or her Instagram full of stunning and motivational early morning swims. Aoife was inspiring to chat with. Living in a busy household Aoife always makes time to get to the beach in the morning to set herself up for the day ahead - even if that means getting up at ten to five in the morning! As mums we can all relate to feeling that part of your identity can get swallowed up in being a mum. During the last few weeks of the lockdown Aoife felt this more than ever, and took this time to reflect on getting “the me” back. We chatted about when Aoife returned to the workplace after maternity leave and the feeling of overwhelmingness that was increased by the open plan office environment. PTSD and panic attacks after the loss of her son Oisin made Aoife take control of her life. She made some big life decisions, but ones that were ultimately for the good of herself and her family. These didn’t come easy and it took time for her choices to come to fruition, but she knew she needed to choose her own path in life. Aoife talks about the need to connect with other people. Be that friends, family or professionals. We can all carry too much of a burden on our own and it doesn’t need to be this way. Grief comes in waves and while we cope through the ups and downs of grief, we don’t have to do it alone. If you enjoyed this chat with Aoife please go and check out her Mum on the Run blog and Instagram feeds. Pamela x Subscribe on iTunes: Listen on Spotify:

May 31, 2020

For All Mum Kind with Laura O Mahony 

Season 3 of the For All Mum Kind Podcast returns and I’m delighted to be kicking it all off with hilarious Cork based comedian and mother of two Laura O Mahony. Laura is an absolute riot, and is not one to be scared of sharing her thoughts and experiences of motherhood.   The self proclaimed ‘Queen of the C Section’ Laura is a true advocate of expectant mothers being in control of their labour experience. No matter what that birth looks like, every mother should be armed with the knowledge and the ability to consent to whatever they do and don’t want to happen to their bodies. In her first labour, despite a family history of c-sections, she was guided towards a vaginal birth. Although very uncomfortable with the thought of having a sweep, she still consented because that’s what she felt she was supposed to do. And when the doctors floated the idea of a section they were surprised when she replied “yes please!” Her second, an elective c-section, was more like a tip to the spa with a bit of surgery in the middle. Laura is adamant that mothers should be honest with each other about their experiences. Especially when it comes to breastfeeding. As controversial as it may be, Laura hated the process of breastfeeding and felt massive pressure and guilt about that fact. I love how honest she is about feeling the loss of her own identity as she took on the role of the mother. It is not easy ladies, and if you are struggling you are not the only one out there. As it is now only six weeks or so until we welcome our second child into the world, we discuss what it was like introducing Polly, her little three-nager to her new little brother. And all the tantrums, cake and trips to the park it took to convince her that this was all going to be ok. I really had fun recording this episode and it was just the tonic I needed right now and I hope you feel the same listening to it. If you would like to keep up to date with Laura and her hilarious takes on life you can follow her on Instagram: I will be returning to my usual weekly release pattern for the rest of this season, so look for a new episode landing every Sunday morning. Don’t forget to let me know if you enjoyed it and share the episode with your other mum friends. Pamela x Subscribe on iTunes: Listen on Spotify:

Mar 29, 2020

Special: The Covid-19 Episode 

Dr. Laura Lenihan, Lucy Wolfe, Joanna Fortune & Kathy Milliken join Pamela to discuss the impact of Covid-19 on families & motherhood. Time Stamps 1:06 - Dr. Laura Lenihan 16:54 - Lucy Wolfe 27:25. - Joanna Fortune 41:07 - Kathy Milliken 50:20 - Guided meditation From speaking to people this week you can hear the anxiousness, worry, concern and overwhelm in their voices relating to impact of Covid-19. We’ve all been impacted in someway and we are all concerned.  This week on the podcast I’ve done things a little bit different, I’m chatting to four mums who are experts in their fields. Dr. Laura Lenihan, who like myself is also pregnant, discusses the new movement restrictions, the changes to maternity services and the impact Covid-19 on the fourth trimester. Sleep expert Lucy Wolfe returns to the podcast to share her knowledge on the impact of stress on sleep, how to use this time at home to improve sleep and guidance on the time change this weekend. Psychotherapist and author of the ‘15 Minute Parenting’, Joanna Fortune, chats with me on blending teaching with playing, parental guilt on screen time and as parents what is the greatest thing we can do now? And finally Kathy Milliken from Bump, Baby & Me shares with me why we need to let go of the ‘should’ and just be in the moment, how to find the positives, and Kathy concludes the episode with a short meditation.  I hope it provides solace, reassurance and information to you during these stressful time. As for the rest of Series 3 I am not sure what the future holds. I know for sure that I will not be able to keep my usual weekly release pattern. Perhaps I will release episodes as and when (and if!) I can record them. Or sadly it may end up being the six episodes I released last weekend. If so I hope you enjoyed listening to them and as always I want to say a massive thank you to all the mums who took the time to chat with me and to all of you who have listened. Stay safe. Stay home. Pamela x For more from this episodes guests please check out the following websites: Dr Laura Lenihan: Lucy Wolfe: Joanna Fortune: Kathy Milliken: Subscribe on iTunes: Listen on Spotify:

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